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About Cause

Company Logo with white silhouette and tree roots and Words EEDS of Healing

SEEDS of Healing, Inc. (SOH) is a not-for-profit organization. SOH serves as a Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) awareness and advocacy resource in the southeast region of North Carolina.


SOH accomplishes this mission through robust community outreach, mobile-targeted HIV testing, consistent in-person and online educational programming, and annual events that build community, awareness, and resilience.


SOH provides programming that centers on Black Women with an HIV diagnosis; HIV testing, and promotion of PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) among key priority populations: MSM (with a focus on African American/Black gay and bisexual men), LGBTQ youth, and Transgender persons in southeastern, NC. These groups are disproportionately impacted by the HIV/AIDS Epidemic, with higher rates of new infections and poorer health outcomes. 

Core Values

The core values of our organization are Awareness, Assistance, Advocacy, and Alliance. SOH brings HIV awareness to the community and connects those affected by the epidemic to resources so they will strive, advocate for policies that address health and social needs, and build alliances that synergize the commitment to sustainable change.

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