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Meet our Board

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LaTina Ross, Chair

My name is LaTina Ross, and I am a Wilmington native, licensed clinical social worker, and certified integrative health coach. As a social worker, my passion has always been to empower those who are vulnerable and oppressed. Early in my career, I had the opportunity to work at a nonprofit HIV/AIDS organization in Greensboro, NC, when I recognized the need for change in the community as it relates to HIV/AIDS.

I hold a Bachelor of Social Work degree from North Carolina A&T State University and a Master of Social Work degree from the University of South Carolina. I have over 15 years of experience as a healthcare professional working in mental health, nonprofit, and with the federal government.

I plan to contribute to eliminating stigma, reducing health disparities, and promoting health retention in disproportionately served communities through my work with SEEDS of Healing.

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Sharema Williams, Treasurer

My name is Sharema Williams, and I am a native of Wilmington, NC. I seek a professional doctorate in health administration and advocacy and have a bachelor’s in biology and community health from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Public Health has been my passion for over 20 years. I served in New Hanover County as a Community Outreach worker, HIV/STD Outreach Program Coordinator, Health Educator, and Medical Case Manager. Because of my passion for helping underserved and disadvantaged individuals, I have dedicated time to SEEDS of Healing, Inc. since 2015.  Being able to continue giving back to the community I love, I am honored. My vision is to one day End the Epidemic and be a part of the amazing breakthrough within the state of North Carolina through changing policies, increased awareness, and education.


Karen Renee’ McIntyre – Pearson, Secretary

My name is Karen Renee’ McIntyre – Pearson. I’m a Wilmington Native residing in Brunswick County. I am a Professor at Miller-Motte College and Retired from New Hanover Regional Medical Center in 2016. Along with my twenty – eight years of experience within the healthcare field, my accomplishment is receiving my Master's in Healthcare Administration Education and now a Ph.D. Candidate in Healthcare Administration with the University of Phoenix. I am an alumnus of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Also a Member of the American Association of Medical Assistants, American Health Information Management Association, PAHCOM, and CommHIT. I have several years of experience working with individuals with HIV/AIDS. My passion as an Advocate/Peer is to communicate awareness. Regardless, it is Prevention or Intervention to continue the fight to lower the HIV transmission rate within the community. I want to assist the Board by implementing a plan to eliminate the stigma of HIV and have the necessary educational resources available for the public school sector, including the high schools throughout the region."

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Alicia Diggs

My name is Alicia Diggs. I am a Philadelphia, PA native but now call North Carolina home. I am an author, a humanitarian, an advocate, an activist, a grandmother, and a mom to my fur baby cat, Xander. I received a Bachelor's in Social Work from UNC Greensboro and a Master’s in Public Health from Capella University. I also completed doctoral courses in public health at Capella University. I am currently a member of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV AIDS (PACHA), the North Carolina State Lead for the Positive Women’s Network USA, a member of the HIV Prevention Community Advisory Council (HPCAP), as well as a long-time participant of the National Community Advisory Board (NCAB) for the Women’s Interagency HIV Study (WIHS), just to name a few. As a person with more than 20 years of HIV lived experience, I have desired to help mobilize marginalized women to ensure they have the resources needed to get access to quality, equal, and affordable care, as well as tools to advocate for their health and well-being. Living a life free from stigma is something I desire for all communities of people living with and vulnerable to HIV acquisition, especially for Black women. Combatting HIV stigma is one of the reasons I became a Board Member of SEEDS of Healing, where the vision and mission include dispelling myths surrounding HIV, which leads to stigma. As a team, I believe that we can work together to help put an end to the HIV epidemic that has affected communities worldwide.

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Armein Fleming

My name is Armien Fleming, a native of the Bronx with roots in Brownsville, Brooklyn. My life's narrative is one of resilience and understanding, shaped by the personal impact of HIV/AIDS within my family. My mother's battle with HIV, which began in 1991 due to intravenous drug use and the subsequent infection of my oldest sister, introduced me to the complex emotions and realities surrounding HIV at an early age. Despite the confusion and fear often associated with HIV, my faith did not permit these feelings to overshadow the love and care my family needed. I embraced them wholeheartedly, offering unwavering support and affection. My family's bond was strengthened further by the dedication of LeShonda, my mother's health provider, who became like family to us. The loss of my mother and sister within a mere 41 days of each other in 2022 was a profound sorrow. Yet, it cemented my commitment to spreading love and support to those affected by HIV/AIDS. Through their memory, I have found my purpose: to advocate for unapologetic love and acceptance for all, regardless of the challenges they may face. I believe the best way to honor Mother is to Represent SOH.

Jeffrey Long

Jeffrey Long

My name is Jeffrey V. Long, and I am a member of The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

Siyo (Hello)!

I'm a fierce advocate for those with HIV and Hepatitis C diagnoses. I strongly support Harm Reduction, health care access for all, and the rights of my Native people.  I am actively involved with the initiatives of local organizations such as the Western NC AIDS Project (WNCAP) and NC AIDS Action Network (NCAAN).  I'm honored to work nationally with the National Native American AIDS Prevention Center in Colorado (NNAAPC) and the Tribal Health Initiatives Program (THIP). I am excited about this next venture to use my hard work and great ideas for collaboration with SEEDS of Healing, Inc. as we reach both ends of the state and work together to End the Epidemic.  

Sgi (Thank you)

Rahel Crouse

Rachel Crouse

My name is Rachel Crouse, and I am a clinical psychologist and addiction specialist. I grew up outside of Detroit, MI, and relocated to Wilmington in 2009 for school. Since then, I have realized this is “home” for me. I began my career as a therapist in 2012 and started to provide on-site therapy services for those living with HIV. I didn’t know much about HIV, but I quickly realized that the time I spent in those rooms at the clinic was some of the most meaningful times in my career. I began to educate myself and others, knowing I had to find a way to assist in Ending the Epidemic. I believe ALL have a right to live a life free from stigma and to have access to knowledge, quality medical care, and compassionate treatment. I am grateful to advocate for that with SEEDS of Healing, Inc., and I look forward to serving the mission.


Takeshia McIntyre

My name is Takeshia Mcintyre. Ever since I was of age, I have wanted to know about change and its impact on our community. I liked to make a difference in any way I could. Becoming a board member of SEEDS of Healing and knowing how impactful they are to many lives, I learned that this is precisely where I needed to be.

I attended Fayetteville State University, where I studied Criminal Justice with a minor in psychology. I also serve on the NC advisory board for the Victory Fund and on the Community Advisory Board of WHQR public. I am a photographer and writer and run a small business. In my off time, I spend time with my dog “Poet,” and enjoy traveling, fishing, hiking, and hanging out with friends.

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